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Sponsors and Partners for Season 3 (2022)
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Sponsors and Partners for Season 2 (2021/2022)
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Customization is also available, including a full year of Podcast mentions on the "Beyond the Break" Podcast.

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Tier -1 ($500)
Tier - 2 ($1,000)
Tier - 3 ($2,500)
01: Mention on social media
02: Logo added the to The Big Break official Website
03: Logo printed on the back of all flyers
04: Logo printed on the back of The Big Break shirts
05: Mention live on stage at each show
06: Mention at the end of each promo video
07: Logo Inserted to each contestant entry video
08: Logo and special thank you in behind the scenes video
09: Logo in credits of the winner’s music video
10: Mention on each Interview (radio/podcasts)
11: Booth/Table setup at each of the 4 live events
12: Logo printed on the FRONT of all flyers
13: Banner on stage for all 4 live shows
14: 10 tickets to each of the 4 live shows