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Season 4 Prizes


A Record Deal from Route 6 Records


A product named after them from MadTwistedHatter’s Infused Emporium


A distribution deal from MLM Entertainment


A high-quality professionally produced music video


One song recorded and produced at award-winning Encore Studios


Pro live multi-camera recording of a full 45 minute set with multi-channel audio recording/mixing/mastering


Pro live photo shoot with post editing


Pro studio photo shoot with post editing


Invitation to perform 3 songs on the 'in the BREAK ROOM' series


1 year VIP subscription to




A distribution deal from MLM Entertainment


Pro live multi-camera recording of a full 45 minute set with multi-channel audio recording/mixing/mastering


Pro live photo shoot with post editing


Pro studio photo shoot with post editing


Invitation to perform 3 songs on the 'in the BREAK ROOM' series




Invitation to perform 3 songs on the 'in the BREAK ROOM' series
For any contestant that submitted their DIY video for Round 1 that met all contest guidelines

Round 1



How the contest works


Contestants are welcome to join The Big Break during our Open Sign Ups each season! Once sign ups have ended, each band has 3 months to create a homemade music video (without paid help) for an original song. Check out the rules and regulations page for specific video submission need to knows.


After all received submissions are verified, every music video is made public for our month-long voting round! Fans can vote once per day for whichever music video or contestant they prefer. The 9 contestants with the highest number of votes will move on to the next round.


The top 9 acts compete live, back-to-back in front of a panel of judges. Each contestant performs a 30-minute set of original music, and our judges offer helpful feedback as well as select 3 finalists using a scored set of judging criteria.


The final showdown! The 3 finalists compete with each other on stage playing 45 minutes of original music, again in front of a panel of judges. Our professional photographers and videographers will capture high-quality material at this event for our competing finalists to use. We announce the winner for the season and winners of any prizes. The show ends with the winners of the previous season headlining the finale.

Rules & Regulations - Season 4​



  • Must be from PA, NY, or NJ 

  • Be willing/able to travel to all Northeastern Pennsylvania locations, on scheduled dates for events which include but aren’t limited to interviews and acoustic music sessions for the “IN THE BREAK ROOM” series.

  • Must be available to travel and/or perform on these dates in 2023: 

    • Sat Aug 5th: Round 1 Reveal Show (Full Day Event)

    • Sat Aug 26th: Round 2 Battle (Full Day Event)

    • Sat Sept 16th: The Finale (Full Day Event)

  • Cannot be currently signed to any record label or development deals and cannot sign any record label or development deals during the time frame of The Big Break.

  • Must be able to play a 45 minute set of original material.

  • Must not rely on backing tracks exclusively for live performances. 

    • Instrumentals need to be created live. Backtracking for effects or transitions will be accepted. 

  • All members of the band or group must unanimously agree to participate in the contest and sign the contest agreement.

  • Must have vocals, instrumental bands will not be accepted. 

  • Must use professional line house kit and speaker cabinets during live and pre-recorded video, but will be allowed to use the following; Guitar and bass heads/pedal boards, snare drum, cymbals, throne, foot pedal/s, synthesizers, keyboards, and the like.

Video Submission


NOTE: The purpose of the music video submission round is to test the contestants on their ability to follow directions, coordinate within the group, be creative and resourceful, and meet deadlines. We understand that the contestants may be new to video making so we are not looking for quality of video or production value, rather we’re hoping to see creativity and storytelling.

  • 2 original videos must be submitted to us by June 30th.*

    • Video 1: An introduction to the band by ALL band members.

      • At least 30 seconds, no longer than 90 seconds. ​

    • Video 2: Original music video between 2 and 5 minutes long.

      • Must be made by the band (help from friends is acceptable) 

      • Must not pay any money for any part of the production process. In other words, don’t hire someone to make the video for you.

      • No footage from a live performance allowed. You are, however, welcome to fake a live show using camera tricks and inviting friends/fans to participate.

      • No still pictures unless purposely placed to drive the story or imagery. We do not want a slide show.

      • Must contain the three items that will be revealed on April 1st, 2023.

        • All items must appear at least once in the video

        • They do not need to drive the storyline

        • They can drive the storyline 

  • All work including the music MUST be the contestant’s original work and shall not infringe any copyrights or any other rights of third parties. Contestants shall, by entering, indemnify and hold "The Big Break" harmless against any claims to the contrary.

  • Do not release or share your entry in or on any social media public forum until the voting round has finished. To promote your video, you will share links to “The Big Break”. You may release the video as you wish starting Aug 1st.

  • Contestants may submit only one entry. However, you may resubmit as many times as you want until the submission deadline on July 31st at midnight. There is NO COST for submissions.

  • Racism, sexism, or any other form of hate will not be accepted into the contest.

  • "The Big Break" is not responsible for  any illegal duplicating or distribution of songs submitted for this contest.


  • Participants must submit their completed entries to "The Big Break" by the deadline specified. (Deadlines are subject to change depending on participation.)

  • Contest is subject to change depending on participation (changes include deadlines, submissions, voting periods and prizes).

  • Initial screening of all entries for lyrics, melody, composition, originality, and performance will be done by "The Big Break" staff.

  • Feedback or critique is not guaranteed to be given to entrants.​

  • "The Big Break" reserves the right to cancel or amend the contest because of lack of participants and other circumstances beyond its control.

  • There is no age limit, but any contestant under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the submission for them and represent them at all locations and venues.

  • Any participant found cheating in any portion of the contest will be immediately disqualified and banned from this and future contests.

  • Entry constitutes permission to use names, likeness, voices, music, and all audio for future advertising and publicity purposes without additional compensation and consent.

  • By submitting an entry, the Entrant grants "The Big Break" permission to use and share their submission on any social media platform without limitations or compensation.

  • By entering this contest, entrants and/or their parents or legal guardian agree to accept and be bound by the decisions of "The Big Break" which are final and binding in all matters.

  • Entrant agrees to be bound by all terms of these rules and regulations as established herein and in the contest agreement. Void where prohibited. All federal, International, state, and local laws and regulations apply.

*Previously published as July 31st, updated to reflect correct contest guidelines.

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