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About Us

The Big Break is a growing venture that aims to support independent artists with experience, connections, insight, and most notably professional-quality content they can use to grow and promote themselves as full package musicians at no cost to the artist.

The Big Break is completely volunteer run, and was launched as a battle-of-the-bands style competition during 2012 in Colorado. In 2021 the venture was brought back to life with a second season of The Big Break Contest in Pennsylvania where it is currently based, and now continuing into Season 4 during 2023. 

In 2022 The Big Break launched a podcast, Beyond The Break, to share perspective and guidance of industry professionals for the success of those seeking independent success in music entertainment. 

The Big Break also created a video series of stripped performances during Season 3 of The Contest called “in the BREAK ROOM.” This asks participating artists to play intimate versions of their original songs, challenging their creativity further and offering professional media for their promotion.

All aspects of The Big Break seek to support one common mission: SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!

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